Sauk County Development Corporation's (SCDC) Mission

The mission of the Sauk County Development Corporation is to promote and retain the diverse economic vitality of Sauk County and its individual communities.   The Corporation seeks to fulfill this responsibility by:

  • Partnering with public bodies and private organizations to nurture a civic and economic climate that supports and encourages local businesses; 
  • Facilitating the development and recruitment of a quality skilled workforce through public and private investment in employee development to meet the needs of Sauk County businesses;
  • Nurturing and soliciting the growth of diverse industry, tourism, agri-business and other businesses that are compatible with local goals to fill County employment needs;
  • Promoting stewardship of the County's natural resources and sensitive land development to promote sustainable development;
  • Enhancing the economic health of the County by identifying trends and responding to new issues and opportunities in this era of global competition and rapid change;
  • Impartially serving as a resource for all communities, businesses and competing interests within Sauk County recognizing that our ultimate customers are the citizens of Sauk County.
  • Bolster partnerships and networks that support economic development in the Sauk County region;
  • Work to retain and grow existing businesses throughout Sauk County;
  • Support and nurture entrepreneurs and business start-ups;
  • Facilitate the attraction and retention of a quality, skilled workforce;
  • Serve as a catalyst to further develop and strengthen the quality "livable communities" throughout Sauk County where skilled workers will want to live; and
  • Advocate for local and regional policies that are conducive to business development.

SCDC Vision Statement

Sauk County Development Corporation’s collaborative, regional approach to economic development ensures that Sauk County continues to be a premier place to live, work and conduct business. Sauk County has a respected, reliable workforce with valuable, diverse skills, as well as a supportive, catalytic environment for entrepreneurs and business expansions.

SCDC Task Force Report

SCDC Task Force Report