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Even though SBA does not loan money directly to small business owners, they play an important role for people who want to finance or grow their business. When you apply for a SBA-backed loan at your local bank or credit union, you are asking SBA to provide a guarantee that you will repay your loan as promised.

To help you identify what government financing programs may be available to help you start or expand your business, use our "Loans and Grants Search Tool".

Note: Although SBA does not provide grants to start or grow a business, certain grants do exist for very specific groups, organizations, or activities – such as businesses involved in scientific research and development

City of Baraboo Revolving Loan Fund (RLF)


The Baraboo Community Development Authority (CDA) administers the Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund  (RLF) program on behalf of the City of Baraboo.  The primary objective of the loan program is to assist in the creation of new jobs within the City of Baraboo.  The secondary objective of the loan program is to assist in the retention of existing jobs within the City, enabling existing business to be more competitive with similar businesses outside of the Baraboo area.

City of Baraboo RLF

Wisconsin Housing and Economic Authority (WHEDA)


WHEDA was created in 1972 by the Wisconsin Legislature as an independent authority, not a state agency. As a lender, WHEDA has over $3 billion in assets. WHEDA programs fundamentally do not rely on tax dollars. Instead, proceeds from the sale of revenue bonds allow us to fund financing programs that help stimulate affordable housing and economic development throughout the state.

  • WHEDA Small Business Guarantee (WSBG) - The WSBG helps to acquire or expand a small business with favorable financing terms.
  • Contractors Loan Guarantee (CLG) - The CLG helps contractors complete contracts and build their business.
  • Neighborhood Business Revitalization Guarantee (NBRG) - The NBRG helps to bring or expand business, or develop or rehabilitate commercial real estate in an urban area.
  • Agribusiness Guarantee (AgBG) - The Agribusiness Guarantee helps new or existing businesses obtain financing on favorable terms to develop or expand production of products using Wisconsin's raw agricultural commodities.
  • Wisconsin Venture Debt Fund - The Wisconsin Venture Debt Fund is designed to provide debt financing to growth companies that create new, high-quality jobs in Wisconsin. These debt funds are intended to be complimentary to early stage equity allowing companies to access capital at predictable costs.

Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corp. (WWBIC)

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WWBIC makes loans to small and micro businesses up to $100,000.  The Pre-Qualification and the Loan Application are completed online, but accompanying documents must be pdf'd, mailed or delivered. 

Although WWBIC takes many factors into consideration, some of our stronger applicants will:

  • Have a written Business Plan. Will operate in the State of Wisconsin.
  • Be an existing business with a successful track record and who is staged for growth.
  • Be a start-up businesses whose owner has extensive experience in the industry.
  • Understand general business operations ( management, financing, human resources, marketing, etc.)
  • Have a strong credit history.

If you are ready to apply for a loan, you must pre-qualify.  If you qualify, you will be able to access the Loan Application.

USDA Business Programs


To support rural regional economic prosperity, USDA Rural Development provides job training and business development opportunities for rural residents, including cooperative business development, community economic development and strategic community planning and faith-based and self-help initiatives. Funding for most of these efforts is administered by USDA Rural Business Programs. 

Rural Development also offers programs to provide the educational opportunities, training, technical support, and tools for rural residents to start small businesses and to access jobs in agricultural markets, the green economy, and other existing markets, as well as acquire training in vocational and entrepreneurship skills they can use in the marketplace and business sector. 

Impact Seven Inc.

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A community development corporation (CDC), Impact Seven was founded in 1970 by people of northwestern Wisconsin concerned with a waning economy and is an Equal Opportunity Corporation.

Greater Wisconsin Fund - Impact Seven has assembled a number of different revolving loan funds to create this program, which serves the entire state of Wisconsin. Loans from this program are generally from $35,000 to $1,000,000. Most new and expanding businesses are eligible. Review the Greater Wisconsin Fund Guidelines for program criteria and to download an application for financing. 

Venture Capital Fund - Impact Seven's Venture Capital Fund is one of few such pools in Wisconsin. It is available statewide, for ventures that have high growth potential and will consider sharing equity. Review the Venture Capital Fund Guidelines for program criteria.

Tax Incentives for Businesses


The Wisconsin Department of Revenue provides a number of tax incentives for businesses under the following categories:

  • Expanding, Relocating, & Creating Jobs tax deductions and credits
  • Manufacturing & Agriculture tax credits and exemptions
  • Property tax exemptions 
  • Invest in Wisconsin Business tax exclusions, deductions, and credits
  • Special incentives
  • Research and Development tax credits