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On November 19, the Sauk County Development Corporation, with a nearly sold out venue at the Baraboo Art Convention and Banquet Center, facilitated a discussion on attracting and retaining the next generation to live and work in Sauk County.  Presenters Tom Stills and Ian Abston captivated the crowd with very different styles, yet centered around the same message:

  • Remembering that young people are often motivated first by selecting where they want to live, then finding a job.  Millennials value the elusive life-work balance.
  • That balance is often defined by a diverse nightlife, creative activities and a sense of community that includes them, not just older generations.
  • Because many millennials aren't married - yet - or tend to married in their late 20s or early 30s they are often renters.  They want attractive, safe places to live that are centrally located, even if the downtown is relatively small.
  • The outdoors is important to most millennials.  Parks and proximity to green space and recreational areas are a strong draw.

Please see the link below to Tom's follow up article or the event program for more information on Tom and Ian.

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