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Since 1976, the Sauk County Development Corporation, a 501(c)4 entity, has championed economic vitality, spearheading initiatives for regional prosperity and community well-being.

SCDC Mission

To catalyze business success through community-responsible development. We foster an environment for thriving local businesses, job creation, and enhanced community well-being. Our core belief is that economic prosperity and social responsibility can coexist. Making Sauk County a hub where businesses thrive and positively impact residents’ lives.

Executive Director: Thomas Cox

Thomas Cox, an English native and University of Sunderland graduate, now leads SCDC. With diverse experience in community development, including roles at Colorado State University and the Estes Park Economic Development Corporation, he brings an art-meets-science approach to economic development. Thomas and his wife Shelby, their son Henry, and their Bernese Mountain Dog Paddington relish life’s simple pleasures. From football (real and American) to coffee, bourbon, and outdoor adventures. In Sauk County, he’s an economic professional and a devoted advocate for the people.

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How We Partner

Your commitment fuels Sauk County’s growth—whether through business investments or volunteering on boards. Collaborating with us isn’t just a choice; it’s a strategic investment in collective regional success, fostering innovation, job creation, and sustainable development. Join us in shaping a future where partnerships catalyze lasting success.

Our Partners

Invest in Sauk Country

Your support is the lifeblood of the Sauk County Development Corporation (SCDC). With your investment, our mission to champion economic vibrancy in the county can thrive. Investing in Sauk County makes you a vital force in shaping a prosperous future—stimulating job growth, fostering innovation, and ensuring sustained community well-being. Your contribution isn’t just a financial commitment; it’s a transformative act that paves the way for a thriving and dynamic Sauk County. Join us in making a difference—invest today for a prosperous tomorrow.

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