Unlock Business Success: Why Sauk County.


Welcome to Sauk County, Wisconsin – a thriving economic hub near significant cities like Madison. Ideal for Midwest businesses, we boast easy access to the bustling state capital, Madison. You are connected by major highways – I-90, I-94, and U.S. Route 12 – ensuring seamless logistics just 50 miles from Madison, 130 from Milwaukee, 200 from Chicago, and 250 from Minneapolis. Our business-friendly environment, proximity to Dane County Regional Airport, and the benefits of being within a Foreign Trade Zone make Sauk County the perfect destination for your economic success. Explore the endless possibilities and elevate your business today!

Wisconsin Map With Highlighted Cities

Build Business Here

Click to discover available properties and vibrant communities, setting the stage for your business’s success and growth in Sauk County. Your next business endeavor begins right here.

Develop Here

Delve into our diverse range of available sites, catering to housing and commercial developers, and bring your projects to life in Sauk County. Your development journey starts now.

Living Here

Explore all the possibilities of living in Sauk County through the County’s dedicated website, and discover why our community is the ideal place to work, play, and live!

Business Climate

Unlock unparalleled success in Sauk County’s distinctive business climate. With a favorable environment, strategic location, and seamless connectivity via major highways, optimal conditions for growth are guaranteed. The county’s dedication to innovation and business support fosters a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Interested in living here?

Thinking about moving to Wisconsin? Go for it! Picture what you want for your life. New career opportunities. A welcoming community to live in. Things to do outside all year long. You’ll love what’s possible here. Let us help you become a Wisconsinite.

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